About Edge Point

Edge Point’s CEO, Nicholas Jacobs has been in the unclaimed recovery business since 1995. 

Since 1995 Mr. Jacobs has taken notice of tens of millions of dollars being forfeited due to dramatic law revisions or in many cases a misinterpretation of existing law.  For well over a decade, Mr. Jacobs witnessed most of the local governmental agencies actively reporting a variety of unclaimed money to the state so that claimants can claim their money.  Today it’s becoming very common for government agencies to consider refunds forfeited if the refund sits stagnate for a specific period of time. Due to such dramatic changes in our legal system, Mr. Jacobs has invested tens of thousands of dollars back into Edge Point, expanded its staff, resources, and has recently purchased enough commercial property to further expand in the future growth in order to keep up with radical changes in our government.

Edgepoint Owner

Edge Point has twenty (20) years of real estate, building developing and monetary recovery experience which has allowed us to tap into a variety of refunds that others don’t possess or even have knowledge of.

Today local agencies may consider refunds forfeited if unclaimed for a specific period of time.
Edge Point has a niche, knowledge and experience that others don’t possess.