Edge Point Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of money could this be?2022-03-03T14:14:53-05:00

Real estate, construction, security deposits, bond, benefits, expired checks.

Why has this money not been sent to me before?2022-03-03T14:15:33-05:00

Forwarding addresses expire once people move or businesses move.  It’s likely that mail is sent to the wrong address due to a simple data entry error.  Mail can also be lost in transit and even at the recipients location.

Why can’t I get this money myself?2022-03-03T14:19:38-05:00

You may be able to collect this money yourself as long as you know where the money is and why it would be due. You’ll most likely need necessary information such as check number, receipt number, voucher number, project numbers, vendor number etc…in order to get the money released.

How much will this cost me to get the unclaimed money back?2022-03-03T14:21:32-05:00

Edge Point works on contingency to pursue monies for all of its clients, therefore nothing is owed unless you receive a refund as a result of our efforts.

Why would I have to sign a Limited Power of Attorney?2022-03-03T14:22:24-05:00

In order for Edge Point to pursue a refund, we must have authorization to act on your behalf. The Limited Power of Attorney is very limited to a very specific refund or refund(s) and gives us just enough authorization to fill out necessary forms and have the refund released payable to you, your company or organization. Once the refund has been either refunded to you or denied, the Limited Power of Attorney is null and void.

What could this refund be due from?2022-03-03T14:23:20-05:00

Overpayment of tax, overpayments of utilities, security deposit, escrow, reimbursement, overbilling, lost check or refund that should have been sent out but never was.

Why is the fee more than ten-percent (10%)?2022-03-03T14:24:05-05:00

Any state escheated/state unclaimed refunds only allow a recovery firm to charge in most all cases a fee of 10%, however Edge Point pursues very unique refunds at the local and federal levels only.

Will my refund be sent to the state before its forfeited?2022-03-03T14:24:52-05:00

No and Yes. Very few municipalities will ever escheat the funds to the state, they instead in most cases escheat to themselves after a certain amount of time. There are a few states that do escheat certain types of refunds to the state but most do not.

How did you get my contact information?2022-03-03T14:25:30-05:00

All of the contact information that we maintain is public information.

Is this really real?2022-03-03T14:26:19-05:00

Yes, the government owes all sorts of refunds. if you have received a call from an Edge Point employee then either you, your company, organization, relative or you personally are due a refund or refund(s).

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