Edge Point Services

You have nothing to lose and everything to gain.

Our client base consists of many of the Fortune 100 companies, most of the Fortune 500 companies, small businesses, colleges, nonprofits and individuals.   Our firm maintains state of the art technology to properly house and organize our clients and potential clients’ information.

Our firm reviews public records on a daily basis in order to keep our data up to date.  Edge Points works with its legal counsel and accounting professionals to secure specific records which have never been generated and to confirm the proper claimant.

Edge Point has a contingent service which means nothing is ever owed unless we are successful in having a refund or refund(s) released on your behalf.

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Edge Point secures a variety of accounting records, compares records against our database to ensure accuracy, engages our research team in an effort to find either the claimant or someone associated to the claimant. We secure contingent agreements with our clients, prepare claim forms, affidavits, and draft all necessary letters regarding your refund or refund(s).  Edge Point works closely with the holding authority, and provides updates to our clients.

Edge Point Testimonials


Most people who attempt to SCAM you do so by receiving upfront money, request bank account information, birth date or request your social security number. Most SCAM’s are located in shady business locations such as fictitious addresses, within a residential apartment building location or out of country. SCAM’s don’t possess notable or even legitimate references nor will they offer to provide such things.

Edge Point does not request upfront money, banking information, social security numbers, birthdates or anything which can harm you in any way. Edge Point invests its own money in an effort to have unclaimed money released payable to you or your company. Edge Point is always prepared to provide notable references to its potential clients.

Our Clients

  • Banks
  • Builders   / Developers
  • Restaurants
  • Retail
  • Universities
  • Insurance
  • Non-Profits
  • Individuals

Received Calls:

If you’ve received a call from Edge Point its only because we have located a refund owed to either you, your company or even a family member. It’s very common for our firm to contact relatives in an effort to inform a family member of our findings. Edge Point again will only make an outgoing call if we honestly feel that a refund is available.